Tuesday, October 23, 2007

new album available for download...

Hey there,
I just wanted to let you know that a new album has just been released through Amduscias Records. It’s called Chernobyl. I hope you all will enjoy it. The common flavor throughout this album is ambient, plus a couple surprises. This work fuses many elements together in a variety of combinations. You will hear layers of ambient, avant-garde, industrial, and noise combined in various ways. A lot of it will drone and be very dark. I felt the subject begged to remind the listener just how disturbing the incident was. In other words, I fuse elements of various genres together to make new conceptual sounds that you may find thought provoking, not unlike scoring you might hear accompanying a movie or other visual presentation. Also, you will notice this album’s theme- the nuclear disaster that occurred over 20 years ago in Chernobyl. It is a serious situation that continues to exist; a situation that affected animals, plants, and people of all ages; a situation that still needs to be covered up, literally. All the flawed theories, accusations, and blame in the world won’t fix it, nor will a cover- a cover, which caused me to do a lot of reading, picture viewing, and research- a story which should never be forgotten, not by anyone. They say history repeats itself. All of mankind would be fools to let this happen again. As dark as these tracks may be, as dark as the feelings within the words, none of it is as dark as what happened. Remember that… As usual, I have provided front and back cover art in case you wish to burn a cd so you can have the complete album as it was intended. Thank you for your continued support.

You can download my new album for free here:

Here is my page at Amduscias Records. It lists all my albums and provides a way to download them for free! Check it out now because they won’t be free forever…

While you’re at it, a lot of other new work has been released through Amduscias by some great artists. You can find it all conveniently listed here:

If you would like to purchase my albums, you may do so here:

I’m working on another album now so I will keep you all updated…
So, who wants some free music? =)


P.S. I have not yet decided whether to sell this album. I do not want to exploit a disaster, but rather bring about awareness. If I do sell this album, the proceeds will go to a charity. If you would like to donate to a charity, here is a list of organizations all over the world: http://www.belarusguide.com/chernobyl1/chlist.htm

Sunday, October 21, 2007

broadcast schedule update...

i finally have a new schedule with a new station. starting 10/30/07, i will be hosting labor of love on lowercase sounds every tuesday night, 8-10pm eastern. tune in and kick back as i play deeply chilled sounds. broadcast sessions will be focused around ambient music, ambient sounds, and other chilled genres and tempos applied in an ambient nature. often resulting in delicious fusions that promote relaxation and an upbeat vibe. i already have a couple mixes posted for free download and i will have more to share soon.
check out the site, bookmark it, and get ready for a weekly adventure that will rejuvenate your souls.

i will provide additional updates as changes occur.
tune in, feel the vibe, dig it.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

work history...

recently it occurred to me that work is work whether i am payed or not. with that thought in mind i felt it would be good to mark down my work history which details more than paid employment. i started to do that on facebook, but they only allowed me 5 entries and i have much more than that.

self employed as a dj and producer
the local music store
promo for speed demon
discount cigarettes/cigar vault
leadership now (or something to that effect- it was a corporation dedicated to the empowerment of women)
radio shack
promo for monkey crew (i forget the name, i have a flyer somewhere and i recall mikey was nuts about monkeys)
self employed via ebay
radio freedom
ran two of my own internet radio stations and had my own site, groove rhythm
lazy station
self employed via soundclick
amduscias records
promo for pla productions
lowercase sounds...

this started in 1995 and has run off and on to present date.


the other day it occurred to me that i have had many nicknames in my lifetime. i dont think i offered a single one as a nickname yet they had a way of sticking. fortunately, most of them were terms of endearment.

when i was little, my uncle used to call me chooch. when i got older, it eventually stopped. when he had his daughter, she started calling her chooch. to be honest, i was disappointed because i thought it was something special he and i shared, however i guess he felt he could call anyone chooch.

chooch was not the only nickname i had when i was little. my mother had several for me, such as chip, critter, and scotter. then of course, there were all the typical names a mother calls her offspring. scotter is obvious- a derivation of scott. apparently, chip is short for christopher. ive only known one other person to be called chip, and weve since grown apart and he is in fact on another continent as far as i last heard. on a side note, i am so happy he has reached a satisfying place in life. critter, on the other hand, may be my fault. when i was little, i was unable to say christopher, which is my first name. all i could manage to say was critter, which my family just loved as i would tell strangers everywhere, "hi, my name is critter scott cherry, gran'son." christopher wouldve never even been an issue except for some reason, my grandparents insisted on calling my christopher. scott was my mother's choice.

along came the elementary school years and with it came a slew of other nicknames. most of these names were names that rhymed with my name, such as scotty potty, hot larry (which was actually my 5th grade music teacher's fault and upon instant realization that i didnt like it, the name stuck with my peers well into highschool- a name i still dont care for, but obviously no longer eats away at me.), and the time my classmates confused me for christopher columbus when my preschool teacher was trying to teach us about the reason for columbus day.

i didnt get many more nicknames until i was attending my second college. the guys in the art wing used to call me techno man because i always had headphones on playing electronic dance music (edm). the guys i used the hang out and hack with on the other side of campus knew me as sweat angel. one day, after a heavy session of hacking i lay down on the cool cement while everyone was taking a breather. when a friend helped me up, there was a sweat mark on the concrete where my body had been and he dubbed me sweat angel. the mark reminded him of a snow angel. not only was i not offended but i thought it was rather funny and the name stuck while i was still there.

the funny thing is none if my nicknames have every jumped from one circle of friends to another. when i worked for a tobacco shop, one guy used to call me lucky, as in lucky charms because i wore a green jacket. a store manager knew me as "the gnome" because of my beard. my best friend in the store i started in called me scott dawg. he even printed it out on a labeler and stuck it to my coffee/tea mug. since then, the mug has broken, but i have kept the label out of sentiment.

i would say, however, that most ppl are usually inclined to call me scotty/scottie. even my grandfather started calling me scotty during my college years. my grand mother still insists on calling me christopher for some reason, however i havent talked to her in ages so thats a moot point. these days it doesnt really matter was ppl call me. ive outgrown the need for validation from others.